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Bodasu Statues

Bodasu's experience made it a piece of cake for him to create 1 feet to 400 feets. statues The seed for his interest in sculpting figures has been sown at a young age when he used to make small clay figures. He was recognised for his Dr. Ambedkar sculpture in 1991. He is popular for his prominent statues of Dr. Ambedkar. Bodasu's works have been established in various states of India such as, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana , Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, so and so forth.

Although, the making of Dr. Ambedkar's statue has been a turning point in Bodasu's life as a sculptor, he is also highly known for making statues of great leaders, national leaders, freedom fighters and other personal statues requested by the people. Another statue that brought recognition to Bodasu is the 30ft cement statue of Gautam Buddha placed in Maharashtra. Bodasu contributes his success and accomplishments to his father Mallaya and his teacher G.Yadagiri who have encouraged and supported him in becoming who he is today. Along with them,his wife, Bharati has been a constant support and a corner stone in his professional and personal life making it possible for him to pave a path of his own towards his goals and ambitions..

Bodasu is waiting for an opportunity to sculpt a 200ft figure and has many such goals to carve as a sculptor.Bodasu Venkataramana has established his studio beside Shadnagar NH7 Highway, Telangana where most of the work takes place.