Catch Line: Revolution in Technological Evolution.

This Started somewhere in 1887 A.D. is of calculators, Phones, Movies, Typing(Microsoft Excel & Word), Cameras (still and movie), Time and Timekeepers, Artificial Lights, Radios, Recorded Music, Slideshow, Weighs, Calender’s are depicted from the first invention to latest digital age.

Incorporated in the museum, is  a vast collection of evolution of irons, stoves, sewing machines, coins, bottles, Cobalt blue bottles, cutlery, crockery, kettles, Ink pots, Drillers, Roofing tiles, Soda machine complete sets, etc. Labeled as  finest Jewel in Goa’s Treasure Chest, at San Thome Museum, time stands still.

The Only known working grand piano by SCHIEDMIER Stuttgart, Germany 138 years Old with ivory keys expressively, built for the climate of India takes the center stage in the grand show of classical musical instruments in the background. The original few century’s old Cremona Violin brought tears of joy in the eyes of one esteemed violin lover. 

A house of fusion of knowledge and Heritage. It unveils before all generations, the evolution of smartphone started in 19th Century. It also showcases not only the Portuguese but also the British influence on standard of living Goans.

Surrounded with exotic plants including the only known Coconut tree bonsai (age???) lifetime is guaranteed. 

  A must look atleast once in a lifetime

Hand of God Through Thomas Antonia da Costa